Bestoliv DS (Capsules)


Normalizes Liver functions naturally

Counteracts liver damage due to alcoholism

Balances Liver enzymes

Mandoor Bhasma 300 mg, Goshivambu Ghanasatva 32 mg, Katuki 18 mg, Danti 18 mg, Shunthi 8 mg, Pippali 8 mg, Mareecha 8 mg, Vidanga 8 mg, Suradaru 8 mg, Chitraka 8 mg, Pushkar mool 8 mg, Vruhad Hareetaki 8 mg, Vibhitaki 8 mg, Amalaki 8 mg, Haridra 8 mg, Daru Haridra 8 mg, Chavya 8 mg, Indra Yava 8 mg, Pippali Mool 8 mg, Nagara Mustaka 8 mgPunarnava 8 mg, Nishoth 8 mg, Processed with Katuki Kashaya & Kiratatikta Kashaya (3 Times Each)
Useful in Alcoholic/ Nonalcoholic Liver disease, Hepatomegaly, Splenomegaly, Hepatic Dysfunction, Acute or Chronic Liver disease with or without jaundice, Fatty Liver Disease, Hepatitis (Alcoholic, Drug induced or Viral) and all Liver associated disorders.
60 Capsules


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